Statement: Summer of Rage (english)

Let’s make this a summer full of action against the miserable state of transgender health care. We want a structurally different system of transition care based on self determination and decentralisation. For decades now, we have faced endless waiting lists, outdated and humiliating diagnostic procedures, incompetence and abuses of power. Gender teams repeatedly promise improvement, but nothing comes of it. They refuse to give up their power. A structural change in transgender care is necessary.

1. No waiting lists.
2. No diagnosis; complete self determination.
3. Decentralise trans care, break the monopoly. Make fast, safe, and local transition care available, a.o. through hormone treatment available at GP’s.
4. Transgender care in transgender hands. Give trans people the tools they need to become transition care providers.

We stand up and call on other trans people to do the same. Form groups, make a plan and take action, together with us or autonomously with some friends. Let’s make this the summer when trans people rise up and demand an end to the power of the gender teams and realisation of fast, local care based on bodily autonomy. Trans health care now!

Planned so far:
– 18 July, 2 PM, banner making in De Samenscholing, Beatrijsstraat 12, the Hague
– 25 July, 2 pm, banner making in Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam
– Trans Zorg Nu! block in the Amsterdam Pride Walk
More more surprises to follow…

More info soon on our website, facebook & instagram (@transzorgnu).