Statement TransZorgU

Op 22 mei 2022 organiseert de groep TransZorgU een demonstratie op het Domplein in Utrecht vanaf 13.00 uur. Lees hun statement hieronder en volg ze op Instagram en  Twitter.


Fix de crisis in het trans zorg systeem, aankomend protest in Utrecht

Wij organiseren een demonstratie in Utrecht, om de boodschap van Trans Zorg Nu door te zetten, namelijk dat zelfbeschikking nodig is om een eind te maken aan de wachtlijsten en andere grote problemen in de trans zorg.

Het kan niet dat trans mensen jaren moeten wachten voor zorg die we dringend nodig hebben, en dat vaak zelfs dan deze zorg niet toegankelijk is vanwege arbitraire normen rondom gewicht, binair gender en mentale gezondheid.

De manier waarop trans mensen zorg krijgen moet structureel veranderen. Na demonstraties in Amsterdam, Zwolle en Eindhoven, willen wij deze boodschap ook aankondigen in Utrecht. Vooral hier omdat er weinig toegang is tot trans zorg, waaronder geen lokale kliniek. Door het hele land moet trans zorg gedecentraliseerd en toegankelijk tot iedereen worden,

Dus, net zoals de andere demonstraties eisen wij:

  • Geen wachtlijsten
  • Geen diagnose, volledige zelfbeschikking voor trans mensen
  • Decentraliseer transzorg, doorbreek het monopolie
  • Transzorg door en voor trans mensen
  • Zelfbeschikking voor iedereen.

On May 22nd 2022 the group TransZorgU will organize a demo at the Domplein, Utrecht, from 1 pm. Read their statement below and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.


Fix the trans healthcare crisis now, upcoming protest in Utrecht.

We are organising a protest in Utrecht to continue the message of Trans Zorg Nu, namely that we need self determination in order to make an end to the waiting lists and other crises in the trans health care system.

It is shameful that trans people have to wait years for the transition care that they desperately need, and that oftentimes this care is even then inaccessible due to arbitrary requirements around weight, the gender binary and mental health norms.

A total overhaul of the way trans people are given medical care is needed. After protests in Amsterdam, Zwolle and Eindhoven, we want to bring this message to Utrecht. Especially here, because there is very little local access to trans healthcare, lacking a public clinic. Across the country, trans health care needs to be decentralised and made accessible to everyone.

So, just like the other protests we demand:

  • No waiting lists
  • No diagnosis, complete self determination for trans people
  • Decentralise trans care, break the monopoly
  • Transgender care in transgender hands
  • Self determination for all.

Nieuwe plannen in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle en Nijmegen

Lokale groepen plannen nieuwe transzorgnu acties in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle en Nijmegen. Hou hun social media in de gaten voor updates en neem contact met ze op als je wilt helpen:

Utrecht, demonstratie op 22 mei, 13.00 uur Domplein

Rotterdam, nog geen datum:

Zwolle, nog geen datum:

Nog geen social media, neem contact met ons op als je de groep in Nijmegen wilt helpen, dan geven wij je contact gegevens door.

New plans in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle en Nijmegen

Local groups are planning new transzorgnu actions in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zwolle en Nijmegen. Watch their social media for updates and contact them if you want to help:

Utrecht, demonstration on 22 May, 1 PM, Domplein

Rotterdam, no date yet:

Zwolle, no date yet:

No social media account yet. Contact us if you want to help the group in Nijmegen, we will pass on your contact details.

Onderzoek Kwartiermaker

Heb je tussen 2019 en nu transgenderzorg ontvangen of sta je op de wachtlijst voor transgenderzorg? Dan kun je nu de vragenlijst van de Kwartiermaker Transgenderzorg invullen voor het onderzoek ‘Ervaringen en behoeften in de (trans)genderzorg’ via
Dit onderzoek is ook uitgevoerd in 2019. Als je de vragenlijst toen hebt ingevuld, kun je dat nu nog een keer doen, zodat duidelijk wordt of er iets is veranderd.
Trans Zorg Nu! deelt dit onderzoek omdat wij het belangrijk vinden dat trans mensen hieraan kunnen bijdragen als ze dat willen. De kwartiermaker heeft aangeboden ons voor het delen van dit onderzoek te betalen. Dit aanbod hebben wij aangenomen. We gaan zorgen dat het geld direct ten goede komt aan de trans gemeenschap.

Did you receive trans healthcare between 2019 and now or are you on the waiting list to receive trans health care? Then you can fill in the questionaire by the Kwartiermaker Transgender Healthcare for the study ‘Experiences and needs in (trans)gendercare’ via
The questionaire is only available in Dutch. This study has also been done in 2019. If you filled in the questionaire then, you can do so again now, so that changes can be identified.
Trans Zorg Nu! shares this questionaire because we think it is important that trans people can give their input if they want to. The kwartiermaker offered to pay us to share this study. We have accepted this offer and are going to make sure the money directly benefits the trans community.

Community Do It Ourselves Day Program

On Saturday April 2nd we are organizing a community event with space for workshops, craft, performances and a party!

Location: De Samenscholing, Beatrijsstraat 12, Den Haag
Bring some money if you want to buy drinks. We may also have some stickers and t-shirts for a small donation.
Language: all workshops are in English.

Covid Safety: We ask everyone to please please do a self-test before going to this event, even if you don’t have symptoms or got tested just a few days ago. We also ask everyone to bring a face mask and to be prepared to wear it in small or crowded spaces.

Accessibility: the entire venue is wheelchair accessible.
This event is all about sharing and participation. To create the privacy that people need for this, we have decided not to do livestreams. We also ask people not to film or photograph anything without the consent of every person in the picture, even those far away in the background.

Food: there will be a potluck dinner were we all bring food, and we all eat! To participate in this meal, just bring some food and add it to the table. Please bring something vegan and add a note listing the ingredients, especially allergens like gluten and nuts. Bring food that doesn’t require heating or refrigeration on location.
If you prefer a delicious warm meal, @water.en.brood is serving amazing vegan food in the same building as our event. Make a reservation with them before 5 pm for a very jummy culinary experience.

Issues: this is a deliberately amateur-friendly event. Therefor not every workshop wll be super professional and not every conversation will have flawless facilitation. However, if someone is doing something that is harmful or if someone is acting racist, sexist, ableist, etc. please do address it or come to us if you want us to step in. Creating a safer space is important to us and we will try to address it as best as we can.

The program is here and we hope you are as excited as we are.

12.00 Doors are open!

12.30-14.00 Trans Knowledge Exchange
Join us for an open discussion of transgender experiences. Come prepared to share an experience (or many); whether positive or negative, that’s up to you, any topic (medical care, pronouns, coming out, or something else!) Knowledge is power; and is one of the best methods of providing mutual aid to strengthen our communities.

12.30-14.00 Self Care – By Trans United
Description follows

14.30-16.00 Bracelets & pouch – by Amy (she/her)
For this workshop we’re going to make pride bracelets and a cute pouch to put them in ❤️. Everyone can make their own and it’ll be fabulous ☺️. I will be hosting it in a English, but I can also answer questions in Dutch.

14.30-16.00 Trans action brainstorm – By Trans Zorg Nu
Trans people rose up this year, but how do we win? Let’s continue this conversation and talk about what a successful trans liberation movement looks like and what sort of activism gets us the things we need. We hope to facilitate connection, meet each other and to inspire one another.

16.30-18.00 Put yourself on a canvas: Painting and identity talk workshop for TBIPOC only.
Attention: This workshop is exclusively transgender people of colour. In this workshop we will be talking about our experiences of identity. What does it mean to you, what about your identity would you like to convey to the world, and what is the beauty within your identity? While you ponder these thematic questions we will each create our own painting befitting to the theme. At the end we will use the painting to talk about our own identities.

16.30-18.00 Self-Advocacy Skills for Healthcare Settings – by Connor (he/him)
Many trans & non-binary people face challenges with advocating for their needs in medical or mental health settings, yet often we must educate our care providers, make firm demands for our care, or evaluate if a provider is safe. In this workshop we will discuss common barriers to care & how to overcome them. You will learn how to stand up for yourself, how to determine if a provider is affirming, ways to educate your doctors, and how to take care of yourself when faced with long waiting lists and difficult situations.

18.00-20.00 POTLUCK DINNER

20.00-21.00 Documentary screening ‘United in Anger. A History of Act Up’.
We’re going to take a moment to look at the history of queer activism for health care with this documentary about ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power. The daring and eyecatching direct actions of ACT UP transformed the fight for health care during the Aids crisis.

20.00-21.00 Put yourself on a canvas: Painting and identity talk workshop for TBIPOC only.
See description above

21.00-22.00 Open Mic
Some of you have contacted us to contribute poetry or music. Now is your time to take to the stage! After the people who have signed up have had their moment in the spotlight, their will be space for spontaneous contributions.

22.00-02.00 PARTY!!!
Drinks, music, community, probably some glitter. Need we say more?

Community Exchange & Panel @ 2dh5

We’re at 2dh5! The festival for people who wanna change the world. Come join us on the first day of the festival, Saturday 26 February, at:

10:00-11:15 Trans Zorg Nu! Community Exchange
Trans people rose up this year, but how do we win? Let’s talk about what a successful trans liberation movement looks like. We hope to facilitate connection, meet each other and to inspire one another. This conversation is in English and only for trans, nonbinary and gendernonconforming people.

11:30-12:45 Panel: Whose Bodies? Our Bodies!
When we think of oppression, we often picture cops and prisons. But what if your oppressor is your doctor, and your struggle takes place when you are most vulnerable? Action group Trans Zorg Nu! brings together a panel to talk about the struggle for autonomy by those who experience transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, saneism, racism, antisexworker bias and other forms of oppression within health care systems.

Both events take place in the Black room of the Ru Pare, Chris Lebeaustraat 4, Amsterdam. Please do a covid selftest before you come, wear a mask and give each other space.
Check for more information.